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The Successful Travel Agent Podcast with Will Medina

Educating and motivating modern travel agents in a fun and innovative way. Whether you are just starting out or running a six-figure online travel agency, we are here to help you grow, learn, and implement new marketing tactics that are working today.

Oct 29, 2020


This episode is NOT for you if you hate money. 😬

On episode #20 I talked about my relationship with money and how as travel agents, we relate to it as actors and other artists do. 

As someone who spends hours inside of Facebook groups hanging out with agents just like you, it’s very apparent that the idea of charging fees is very polarizing. 

  1. Charging fees for your time and expertise makes sense but you don’t know where to start 
  2. You are so proud of what you do that (AND I QUOTE) you would never charge a fee for your services. 

If you are in group A, there is hope for you and as someone who has been charging fees for over 8 years I have cracked the code to shift your mindset and create an offer that your potential clients will not resist. 

And for you, Mr or Mrs Proud, allow me to reframe the idea of charging fees, may I...? 


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