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The Successful Travel Agent Podcast with Will Medina

Educating and motivating modern travel agents in a fun and innovative way. Whether you are just starting out or running a six-figure online travel agency, we are here to help you grow, learn, and implement new marketing tactics that are working today.

Nov 23, 2020

Today I am joined by A. Lynn Blanco, the Host of The Travel Agent Podcast and we guess what we are talking about? That's right, Podcasting! 

A Podcast is a powerful way of creating content for your ideal client so join us and learn about the what and why of adding a podcast to your marketing strategy, even if you don't love your voice.

About My Guest:

A. Lynn Blanco is from a small town in Indiana. She has had a love for travel since her first travel experience to Philly for a vocal competition as a teenager. She fell deeper in love with travel in her 20’s, as she began to explore different countries. She has always been the go-to person for vacation planning for friends and family due to her travel experience. After blogging about the epic 26-day family vacation to Asia, more friends and family began to ask her for travel advice and she realized that she had a valuable skill set that she could use to positively impact people's lives doing something that she loved and was passionate about. And with that, her travel agency Blanco Travels was born! When the business wasn’t the overnight success she naively assumed it would be she asked for help. She decided to seek out successful Travel Professionals and listened to their stories to find where she had gone wrong.

A Lynn knew right away the value of these stories was lead to starting a podcast. Now, she is the host of The Travel Agent Podcast where they take a deep dive into the life of travel professionals extracting the keys to a successful travel business.