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The Successful Travel Agent Podcast with Will Medina

Educating and motivating modern travel agents in a fun and innovative way. Whether you are just starting out or running a six-figure online travel agency, we are here to help you grow, learn, and implement new marketing tactics that are working today.

Aug 27, 2020

Hey there, 

You are listening to the audio version of a Facebook Live I recorded inside of the Inner Circle Facebook Group for the Destination Wedding Playbook Students. In this video, I reminded them of the importance of requiring a consultation or planning session with EVERY single couple before they lift a finger quoting a new lead. By the way, while I am specifically referring to a destination wedding couple, this is true for ANY type of client or travel request you will ever receive. 

Offering a free consultation to every client as a qualifier is a sure way to uncover your real competition and overcome any objections in the sales process. Why do I know? Because for 8 out of 11 years in business, this remains my most powerful sales tool to close more sales, save more time, and get paid by my ideal client. Furthermore, it is a repeatable process that I teach inside the Playbook Workshop and now helps dozens of other travel agents reclaim their time and set up their process to stand out from the competition. 

To learn more about how you can learn to implement this sales strategy and other proven hacks, check out the curriculum of the Workshop here.

Cheers to your success, πŸ₯‚